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Rachel Ann Stevenson New Release

“In my work I try to capture the impossible the swirling mist of a dreamers mind, as artists we are day dreamers and our business is capturing the impossible, holding on to it and showing it to the world. “

A Theatre of Dreams. Rachel Ann Stevenson’s enigmatic and moving artworks are a wonderful combination of hand painted bronze, taxidermy and antique glass domes.

Life and death often exist together in a single piece. They have a tragic beauty, subtlety of stunning detail in both anatomy and message. Evocative and haunting with an inner stillness and sometimes a quiet humour, opening doors to intriguing narratives and wistful characters ……

Specialises in: Sculpture
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Rachel Ann Stevenson

Rachel is a supremely talented figurative sculptor with an impressive education including the NULC college of art and design, the Oval school of figurative sculpture and the Royal Society of Portrait Sculptors. She has also worked internationally with placements at Chenzhen studios Hong Kong and at Steve White Studios California. She also studied under Mike Gadd, an award winning master Taxidermist.

She has had solo exhibitions in Brighton, Bath and London as well as leading art fairs.