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Peter Layton is one of the world’s most widely respected glass artists and he has done more to promote glassmaking as an art form than anyone else in Europe. He has influenced, encouraged and nurtured several of this county’s leading glassmakers and has inspired many more internationally. Now, at the age of 75, Peter remains extremely active and is regarded as the ‘grand old man of glass’.


Specialises in: Glass
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Peter Layton

Peter runs the London Glassblowing Studio in Bermondsey, a district in south London, like a collective where glassblowers are free to use the kilns to create their own work and develop their skills. Peter has always put creativity before the need to be commercial and so they are unique surprisingly affordable works of glass art.

Peter went to school in Bradford where his aptitude as an artist was first recognised and so it led to him becoming friends with David Hockney.

“I got to know David Hockney quite well and even ended up going on holiday with him”

At the time, Art didn’t seem to be a viable way to make a living in Bradford, so Layton found himself working in the textile business. He was the called up to do his national service during which time he resolved to pursue his love of art as soon as he got back home. He applied to Bradford Art College and then went to London’s Central School of Art and Design to specialise in ceramics where he was taught by several of the most respected ceramicists of the time.

Following this, Peter was then offered a temporary teaching job in Iowa University’s ceramics department. By chance, Harvey Littleton and a few colleagues were pioneering a revolutionary hot glass technique at the same time. In 1962 Peter attended one of their first experimental workshops and became bewitched by the medium’s immediacy and spontaneity.