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Coeur de Lion New Release

Coeur de Lion is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers of fashionable designer jewellery, based in Germany, they  have a distinctive style which is created through the fine sense of colour that is used in every product.


Specialises in: Jewellery
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Coeur de Lion

The Brand was launched in 1987, created by Carola and Nils Eckrodt who still run the company today.

Since then the company have won numerous awards. They were chosen as Jewellery brand of the year in 2014 at the UK watch and Jewellery awards, the most prestigious sector award in Great Britain and the most current collection has just been nominated for the German Design Award 2016.

Only the highest quality materials are used to produce this jewellery:

  •  316L stainless steel, soft nappa leather, Swarovski crystals or diamond cut, anodised aluminium with its outstanding satin finish, or real gemstones like Haematites, onyx and tigers eye.
  •  It can be identified by the top quality stainless steel seal on every necklace and bracelet, guaranteed to be long lasting and safe for everyday wear.
  •  It is a hugely popular jewellery range, sold in over 30 countries worldwide and constantly expanding.

This jewellery range is classic, classy and current. People adore this jewellery because it has everything. Coeur de Lion uses a minimalist design, incorporating unusual color combinations to make it exciting.

This exquisite range is predominantly made by hand, from sticking; threading, polishing, assembling and inlaying to adjusting the finest finishing details all play significant parts in each stage of manufacturing this jewellery.

All the jewellery is hand made in Germany, designed and produced to perfection.