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Claudia Bradby New Release

Claudia Bradby, founded in 2001, is a British jewellery designer who designs a range of contemporary Pearl Jewellery that is perfect for every occasion.

Her Studio is based in Hampshire where she designs and produces every piece.
Claudia’s pearl collections are all made from the most beautiful and natural materials. She designs Bracelets, Necklaces and earrings; featuring only the finest cultured fresh water pearls, hand chosen for their shape, size and elegant look.

*Please contact your nearest gallery if you are interested in this jewellery. These are examples of pieces that are or have been available*

Specialises in: Jewellery
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Claudia Bradby

The beautiful fresh water pearls display different characteristics due to the environment that they have come from; these individual differences are not imperfections they simply validate that they all originate from an array of different surroundings.

  • Each Pearl takes years to form; making each piece particularly unique.
  • Every pearl differentiates in colour, shape, size and lustre.
  • A popular choice by many, worn by royalty and loved by a number of celebrities;    certainly one not to be missed!

These pearls have a fashionable, contemporary feel which is the perfect combination of modernity and heritage. The Heritage collection was originally launched to signify the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Every piece of jewellery is made from silver, exquisite pearls and Semi- precious stones.
If you are looking for something for a special occasion then this jewellery is a must! Some other useful information – pearls are the birthstone for June and are traditionally given to mark the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary; another great reason to by this stunning jewellery.