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Annette Marshall is a Designer/Maker of silver jewellery. Based in the Cotswolds, she designs and creates contemporary silver jewellery.

Her passion is observing the transition of each piece from her initial vision/concept to the realisation of a stunning piece of jewellery. She is trained in and works with many traditional silversmith techniques, with a specific interest in surface patterns and textures.


Specialises in: Jewellery
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Annette Marshall

Annette’s main influences are far reaching, from the natural world to historical and cultural inspirations. She has a strong enthusiasm for creating expressive and tactile jewellery, but at the same time very wearable pieces. The stimuli for my latest collections are derived from the seaside and nostalgic childhood holidays. Rock pools, seagulls, fishing harbours and daisy chains.

Her Jewellery is modern, contemporary and very fashionable. She likes to explore and experiment with new techniques and mediums all of the time although she always uses the same base metal, sterling or fine silver, which never changes.

Although each piece of Jewelry expresses her distinctive style; each one remains exceptionally wearable and tactile, with a modern yet timeless quality.