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Ann Coston New Release

Specialises in designing and creating beautiful handmade tableware and sculptural accent pieces. The work is really unique as each exotic shell is different.

Originally trained in interior design, Ann combines a love of nature, with an amazing design skill to produce small, exquisite and unusual pieces that suit a variety of uses. Whether adorning a dressing table as a jewellery dish or as standalone statement pieces for the mantelpiece or dining table.


Specialises in: Sculpture
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Ann Coston

Superb quality in fantastically desirable objet d’art.

They are perfect as gifts. Ann Coston’s bespoke, sculptural silver and shell creations are all handmade in a small workshop in Kingston upon Thames. Here the silver dragonflies, frogs, monkeys, bees and other creatures are all cast firstly in brass using the lost wax technique. They are then painstakingly hand finished, heavily plated in silver and fitted to their particular exotic shell. A true artisan product.

Sea creatures such as Octopi, Crabs and Turtles are imaginatively incorporated with the super luminescent mother of pearl and other exotic shells. Also, fantastical Dragons and Flamingo’s combined with the silver and shell make ornaments that are very rare and only sold in a few gallery outlets and are amazing as gifts.

The shells themselves, which are ecologically sourced, have hours of work before the silver elements are fitted. Each one has the top layer removed and is then polished to achieve a fabulous lustre.

Nautilus shell, Abalone shell, Melo shell, Kabibi shell and Turbo shell as well as mother of pearl are all utilised to make pieces of exacting high standards and ultimate attention to detail.