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Adam Binder is one of the UK’s leading wildlife sculptors. His bronzes, with rich and varied patinas are collected all over the world.

He captures the essence and movement of the animals with a wonderful economy and elegance of line.

Winner, in 2010, of the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist for that year.

Specialises in: Sculpture
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Adam Binder

Wherever possible, Adam will closely observe the subjects in their natural environment for his works, whether it is in his home in the Cotswolds or the plains of Africa.  He aims to capture the essence of the animal, strip away extraneous detail to concentrate on the key attributes. Sometimes abstracting or exaggerating certain facets, and bestowing a fullness of form which focuses attention on certain details.

Adam is passionate about wildlife and he sees the combination of sculpture and nature as the perfect marriage. He feels as though he is in touch with the spirit of the animal when he is sculpting it, capturing not only its form, but also its character and rhythm.

Adam Binders wildlife sculptures are all cast in 2 foundries in the heart of the Cotswolds using the lost wax technique. They are then worked on, creating rich patinas that reflect the markings of the creatures.

‘Nature is my passion and my constant distraction.’